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Global Networking Made Fast and Simple

Command your network with MySDN Cloud VPN

Responsive Control & Quick Changes
With MySDN Cloud VPN, provision and set up a new site in a few business days – 10x faster than traditional WAN solutions. Our carrier-grade self-service platform puts you in the driver’s seat, providing you enhanced visibility and greater control over your global network.
Simple Policy-Driven Management
MySDN Cloud VPN virtualises your network infrastructure, streamlining premise hardware and minimising truck roll. Make network-wide or location-specific changes, add and change sites or implement advanced networking functions without needing a large IT team.
Easy Setup & Flexible Deployment
Set up business in remote locations that may not have been possible for your business before. MySDN Cloud VPN supports multiple access technologies including copper, fibre and mobile broadband. All you need to deploy at a new site is a working Internet connection.

MySDN Cloud VPN is a Next Generation plug-and-play Software Defined Networking (SDN) WAN Solution.



Onboarding in 3 Simple Steps



Configure the Network Centrally



Courier the Device to the Branch


Authenticate the Device Remotely



Next Generation Networking


Traditional WAN Solutions

On-site Provisioning

Long lead time required

Changes are expensive, time-consuming

Complex, IT-intensive management

Proprietary hardware-based, vertically integrated

Limited access coverage


Central Provisioning

Deployment within days

Changes are instantaneous and effortless

Simplified policy-driven management

Software-driven, open and flexible

Internet connection


Clear Business Benefits & Savings

Streamline and enhance your business operations with MySDN Cloud VPN. A recent customer survey has shown that the use of MySDN Cloud VPN improving turn-up response time by as much as 10 times and a significant reduction in operational expenses by over 50%.

Source: Alcatel-Lucent Analysis, Customer Survey Feedback 2013-2015


Simple Setup & Seamless Integration

All you need is a working Internet connection to your MySDN Network Services Gateway (NSG) device get a new site securely up and running. With MySDN Cloud VPN works seamlessly with existing solutions, devices and services.

You can easily manage your network using the MySDN Customer Portal, a centralised provisioning and policy engine that is hosted on MyRepublic.

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